Skills profile

After completion of the purchase Vocational college started my professional career in 1992, first with training as a banker and then with several years as a client advisor and clerk.
It was not until 1999 that I ventured into IT and in June 2001, after completing a two-year full-time degree program at the Department of Computer Science in Memmingen, obtained the title "Staatl. Certified Business Informatics".

This was followed by the first employment and entry into Delphi (Delphi 5) as a junior developer at All for One Systemhaus AG. Here I learned about the software development in Delphi (proprietary framework) and the database management systems Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Interbase.

In October 2004 I switched to abs IT Service GmbH, where I was initially responsible for the development of a customer and contract management software (Delphi 7, Interbase). After about 4 months I was also responsible for a calculation software Closed-end funds (Delphi 6).

For private reasons, I announced my employment relationship with abs IT Service GmbH on 31.12.2005 and made myself self-reliant.
For the first few years of my self-employment, I independently developed and distributed management software for financial brokers based on Delphi 7 and Microsoft SQL Server.
In 2010, I also made the first steps in web programming with php and MySQL to design your own learning portal (e-learning). As an addition to this learning portal in 2013, the entry into the app programming for Android took place.