Software development and conception

Since 2001 I've been working in software development, with a focus on developing database-driven software with Delphi, but also in Android app development and web development with deep knowledge and experience.
My portfolio includes:

Software development with Delphi

My roots as a software developer lie in the development of database-based software with the development environment Delphi.
The database management systems used are primarily Microsoft SQL Server and Interbase, but also Oracle and MySQL.

In addition to being responsible for software development in this area (for a mid-sized systems vendor and brokerage pool), it was also a self-developed and distributed Windows software for independent financial intermediaries (Delphi 7, Microsoft SQL Server) with which in 2006 I took the step into self-employment.

Components for Delphi

During my many years of working in software development with Delphi, various components for Delphi, graphical as well as data components, have emerged. All of the components listed below are open source and available free of charge:


SFBusinessData is a DataSet with integrated query generator/SQL generator for reusable, database-independent programming of your business or data logic

For this you can create your own runtime classes, which can also be inserted at design time (IDE).

The built-in query generator/SQL generator, which can also be used without DataSet, also makes it easy to create portable, flexible applications in other database systems.

Other features are p. e. use as a pure DataSet in memory, synchronization of DataSets among each other, dynamic calculation fields (without attachment in the field editor), internal sorting of the buffer, etc.

Since the update to support Delphi 10.3 Rio, SFBusinessData is also available for mobile platforms in Delphi.

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Introduction video (YouTube)


Advanced VCL controls, such as a rotating text component, image and label components with the ability to respond to actions within an image, etc.

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Advanced VCL database controls, such as an extended TDBGrid and an InplaceCheckBox for use with grids.

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Software development for Android

As part of a self-marketing learning platform (as an offering for this purpose), the entry into the development of apps for Android took place in 2013.

Web develeopment and web design

In 2010, I expanded my portfolio to include (web) development with php, html, JavaScript, and so on. Since then, various customer projects have been implemented, as well as a self-marketing learning platform.
As a database system mostly MySQL, but also already Firebird, was used.

Furthermore, I also work as a computer lecturer, mainly for Windows and Microsoft Office.

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