DataSet (Delphi) with integrated SQL generator for your business or data logic

Where do you store the business or data logic in your applications? In data modules? In database triggers?

In comparison, SFBusinessData offers the following advantages:

Business classes

You create, for example according to your database tables, runtime classes in which you store your business or data logic:

  • Reusability of your business or data logic
  • full programming capabilities (p. e. compared to database triggers) for your business or data logic
  • clean separation between display and business or data logic
  • specialized runtime classes can also be integrated at designtime


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Database-independent SQL queries

With the built-in query generator / SQL generator, you manage your queries in class structures. The actual query is generated - dependent on the database system - on demand.

  • special features of the individual database systems are taken into account at a central location, your query definitions remain the same for all database systems
  • no more long SQL strings in your code
  • define your query definitions at design time using a Query Wizard or at runtime with structured functions
  • also usable independently of a BusinessDataSet


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Other features
  • internal sorting of the buffer
  • dynamic calculation fields
  • Synchronization of related
  • DataSets
  • Can also be used as a buffered DataSet for non-persistent data


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For detailed functional information, please also refer to the documentation.

SFBusinessData can be used in Delphi versions from Delphi XE2.

To connect to a database, SFBusinessData uses the standard development environment mechanisms (FireDac, ADO, dbExpress, Interbase). So there is no need to change your connection definitions.

Since the update to support Delphi 10.3 Rio, SFBusinessData is also available for mobile platforms in Delphi.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact here.