V4P! - Visions for your projects

V4P! Visions for your projects is a cloud-based software for project management based on the approaches and structures of agile project management.
These approaches to agile project management are supplemented by options for concrete time and cost analysis.
This enables comprehensive management of projects, regardless of whether they are managed using agile methods or not.

Everything in view
  • Detailed recording and prioritization of user stories (requirements)
  • Task planning taking into account absence times
  • Meeting management with integrated chat and connection to external video conference systems
  • Management of documents
  • Comprehensive search options and configurable pre-filtering on many views
Everything under control
  • Project-specific assignment of rights according to the respective functions in the project (e.g. ProductOwner, ScrumMaster)
  • More efficiency by determining and displaying estimated implementation costs and times
  • Meetings with pre-definable questions
  • Always up to date with evaluations at project and sprint level
Everything but different
  • compact structure of the views instead of continually changing between views
  • clear navigation
  • can also be used with smartphones
  • automatic data storage

Yet, the pricing and licensing structure has not been determined.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact here.