Software development and conception

Frank Huber - The SoftwareFactory - is a solo company in the field of software development and design.
Active in software development since 2001, in 2006 he went into self-employment with the founding of Frank Huber - The SoftwareFactory -.

The portfolio includes software development in various programming languages and software architectures, from Delphi / Pascal for classic desktop applications to cloud-based software with PHP or Python.

Key products and services at a glance:

Make the everyday life of your projects easier, more transparent and more efficient.
With V4P! - Visions for your Projects, project management and ticketing software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Project tasks managed clearly and in detail, efficient support of project planning through to meaningful evaluations for implementation control.

Try V4P! - Visions for your Projects and learn more about features like:

  • Tasks or user stories in the backlog with comprehensive filter and sorting options
  • Sprint planning for task processing, taking into account absences and costs
  • Evaluations for sprints and/or the entire backlog
  • Support of meetings through a chat with customizable meeting process and the connection of video conference systems
  • Document management
  • and much more

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The roots of the activity in software development lie in software development with Delphi / Pascal.
There are many years of experience from dependent employment relationships and, after starting self-employment, external projects and in-house developments.

The range of versions used ranges from Delphi5 to Delphi 10.x, and the use of external, common components (such as DevExpress) is just as unfamiliar as common database systems (MSSQL, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, etc.).

Please also note the following freely available in-house developments:


DataSet with integrated query generator / SQL generator for reusable, database-independent programming of your business or data logic.

Separate runtime classes are created for this, which can also be inserted at design time (IDE).

With the integrated query generator / SQL generator, which can also be used without a DataSet, you can also easily create flexible applications that are portable to other database systems.

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Advanced VCL controls, such as a rotating text component, image and label components with the ability to respond to actions within an image, etc.

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Advanced VCL database controls, such as an extended TDBGrid and an InplaceCheckBox for use with grids.

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There are also experiences in web development with PHP, JavaScript, html, etc. from various external customer projects.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact here.